Sensitive Skin Gentle Dog Brush, for Small Dogs to Remove Loose Hair, Mats, Dirt, Stickers, Detangling, Pain Free Grooming



  • COMFORT: Protective rounded brush tips are on the ends of all of the bristles to avoid irritation
  • GENTLE ON SKIN: Flexible angled bristles increase comfort for your pet while grooming
  • EASY TO USE: Slip-free sturdy handle for safe gripping while brushing
  • ANIMAL OWNERS: Suited for adult dog and puppies and ideal for toy breeds with short or long hair
  • SMALLDOG OFFICIAL:Created by a real dog mom! Smalldog Official is a 22,000 member online community

    Product description

    Our Smalldog Official Gentle Body Brush can help make your grooming time more comfortable and enjoyable knowing your fur babies skin will not be irritated. 

    • Use the Gentle Body Brush on dry fur.  The brush is ideally use on dry hair but will work on short wet hair.
    • Brush will help remove tangles, dirt, mats and burrs and can help straighten the hair without hurting your pets skin.
    • Soft protective rounded brush tips will help avoid irritation and increase comfort during brushing.
    • Stimulates skin without tearing or scratching your pets skin.
    • Use daily to help keep matting down between trips to the groomer.
    • Brushing regularly will help keep your pets coat healthy and clean.
    • Remember to brush with long strokes in the direction of the hair growth.
    • Best for use on short and long straight haired dogs.  Will work on small curly haired dogs.  The bristles are flexible, so for large curly hair dogs, the brush is best for maintenance brushing not deep cleaning.
    • Suited for adult dogs, puppies and toy breeds. Can be used on cats.


    Smalldog Official is created by a real dog mom!  

    • The Smalldog Official community has over 22,000 members online!


    Dimensions/Color of Brush:

    • Bristle pad is 3 x 1 inches
    • Entire Brush is 7 x 4 inches
    • Handle is 4inches
    • Custom purple and white brush.  Handle and brush head are white, with accents of purple. The bristle pad is grey. Smalldog Official Logo is black.


    Brush Care:

    • The brush can be cleaned with mild soap and water and air dry after cleaning.

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