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  • COLLOIDAL OATMEAL SHAMPOO for dogs & puppies with sensitive skin. Designed to be hypoallergenic & extremely soothing for your dog’s flaky dry skin using natural ingredients such as jojoba. Our clinical strength shampoo protects & combats skin irritation on your dog’s fur.
  • ENHANCED WITH LAVENDER essential oil our formula is extra calming. Lavender has a homeopathic comforting effect making him easier to bathe and control his dog odor.
  • VET RECOMMENDED clinical formula using pure high quality ingredients for an extra strength cleanse and odor remover. Our ingredients restore essential oils while combating skin irritants. This shampoo is a must for tear free pet care.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE pet care with all Natural Lavender Oatmeal Pet Shampoo for dogs is extremely gentle and effective. It is more effective for dog’s sensitive skin than other options on the market.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA which exceeds all GMP standards. Natural hypoallergenic and the best solution in pet care available. 100% money-back guaranteed!

    Product Description

    Pet shampoo
    pet shampoo

    pet shampoo

    At Honeydew, our aim is to provide you and your family with effective personal care products that condition and revitalize you, from head to toe. We use natural oils and botanical extracts found in nature, which we then scientifically nurture and develop to create powerful but gentle products for all ages, skin types, and hair types. Each of our formulas is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to enhance your skin, hair, and overall wellness.

    Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo

    8 oz / 236 ml

    Our Colloidal Oatmeal Pet Shampoo helps soothe and nourish your dog’s skin and fur. Dogs with sensitive skin can feel bothered by many shampoos. Our cleansing formula is specially designed to be gentle and mild, so your precious pup only feels cleaned and cared for. Colloidal oatmeal has cleansing, conditioning, and soothing properties that calm irritated skin. Our formula is enhanced with Lavender to soothe and calm. We aim to make bathtime a therapeutic and calming experience for you both.

    • Colloidal Oatmeal is enriched with pure lavender essential oil
    • Helps calm and soothe irritated skin while it softens fur
    • Gentle deodorizer eliminates unpleasant smells and leaves your dog smelling fresh
    • Gentle formula is sulfate free, paraben free, tear free, and cruelty-free

    Honeydew – Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo

    pet shampoo

    pet shampoo

    pet shampoo

    Lavender Oil

    Lavender is one of the most calming botanicals. It has been used since ancient times for both cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Not only will it help soothe your pet’s dry, itchy, and irritated skin, it also has relaxing aromatherapy properties that helps your pup pipe down and get into a calm and relaxed mood before bedtime.

    Colloidal Oatmeal

    Colloidal Oatmeal is a gentle and soothing form of oats that work to moisturize and soothe irritated skin. It has natural detoxing and hydrating properties that remove dirt, oil, and impurities as it adds moisture, for soft, smooth skin. Oats are composed of lipids which are natural humectants that lock in moisture, making it beneficial for dry, irritated skin types.

    Jojoba Oil

    You don’t just want your pup’s coat to be clean; you want it to be soft and shiny as well. That’s where Jojoba Oil comes in. While many moisturizers are heavy and weigh down fine fur Jojoba Oil is lightweight but intensely hydrates, so your canine’s coat is silky and healthy-looking.

    pet shampoo

    Essential Oils

    As the saying goes, “mother knows best,” and here at Honeydew, we think that Mother Nature really does know best. We believe that whatever a chemical can do, a botanical can do better. We research a plethora of essential oils and plant extracts to find the best one for each product. Essential oils are not only natural and effective, but they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to nourish and soothe immediately and improve the condition of your skin and hair over time.

    pet shampoo
    pet shampoo
    pet shampoo
    pet shampoo

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