PoshWag Dog Poop Bags [360 Count] with Free Dispenser and Leash Clip - Best Pet Waste Poop Bag Refill [20 Rolls]




  • GET MORE WITH POSHWAG PREMIUM DOG WASTE BAGS – are you looking for the best dog poop bags for your four-legged friend? Because they are bigger, tougher, and thicker than most other waste bags, PoshWag poop bags are ideal for all dogs regardless of the size, age, or breed. You get a pack of 20 rolls consisting of 18 pieces each to keep you going for up to 4 months. Get more value for money with PoshWag high-quality poop bags
  • 360 POOP BAG PIECES WITH A BONUS DISPENSER INCLUDED – how about you get a free compact dog poop bag dispenser so you can make use of this product right off the bat? These rolls will also fit into standard leash dispensers. What’s more, although they are very tough, these bags are easy to open and separate from the roll. If you have been looking for excellent dog waste bags with dispenser, you just found the right pack.

    Product description

    Walking outside is fun for both the owner and the dog. It provides much-needed exercise and socialization. Of course, along with walking the dog comes the responsibility of picking up after it. You can’t just leave the poop on the ground. First of all, it is against the law. Second, it is totally rude and irresponsible.

    As a responsible pet owner and citizen, it is necessary to always carry dog poop bags with you whenever you go out with your pet. PoshWag Dog Poop Bags are the best pet waste poop bags. They are bigger, tougher and thicker than most of the other waste bags. Because of its high-quality material, these poop bags are leak-proof. Not only that, PoshWag Poop Bags have an extra water-resistant coating that keeps the bags dry and minimizes waste odor. Although they are very tough, these bags are easy to open and separate from the roll, giving you superb convenience.

    PoshWag Dog Poop Bags come in 20 rolls with 18 sheets each giving you a total of 360 bags, enough for 4 months, giving you more value for money. These rolls fit in standard leash dispensers but the good thing is that PoshWag Dog Poop Bags include a free compact bone-shaped leash dispenser. It’s easy to use and it keeps the bags safe and hole-free. You can conveniently bring the dispenser along during walks. PoshWag Dog Poop Bags are ideal for all dogs regardless of size, age or breed.

    PoshWag Dog Poop Bags are environmentally friendly. The bags are created from HDPE+EPI materials certified as compostable by industry authorities. Even the bone-shaped dispenser is also made of degradable materials. These bags are allergen-free. They can also fit in small trash bins or baby diaper disposals. PoshWag Dog Poop Bags are helpful not only to the dog owners but to the environment as well.

    Bring ease and convenience to dog poop disposal by using these high-quality PoshWag Dog Poop Bags. Any dog owner would love these biodegradable waste bags.

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