Pets Exercise Pen Accessories



  • Save $$$ | Want additional space but don’t want to purchase another playpen? Each kit provides an additional four square feet of living area to your exisiting dog pen & fits most brands
  • UNIVERSAL pet playpen 2-panel extension kit| Each panel measures 24W x 30H inches for total of 48W x 30H inches or 4 sq ft of NEW living area to your dog pen
  • Fits ALL “30-Inch” standard wire pet playpens & dog pens | Panels easily attach to existing playpen w/ included hardware (4 thumb-snaps & 2 ground stakes)
  • Perfect kit for adding play space to your existing dog pen or increasing “fencing” to close off a room or outdoor area

    Product description

    Style:30H-Inch Pen Extension Panel

    Do you already own a pet playpen but wish you could make it bigger to create a more spacious playing area for your pet? Maybe you don’t want to invest in purchasing two exercise pens for your dog but need a couple more feet to close in your living room? Instead of purchasing another pet playpen, we thought it would be nice to save you some money & that’s why we created our UNIVERSAL Pet Playpen Extension Kit! Don’t worry, if you have another exercise pen brand, our universal extension kit will fit most standard metal pet playpens & exercise pens on the market today. Each kit consists of two, 2-foot panels that are connected together. When attached to a MidWest exercise pen, the extension adds four square feet of enclosed area to your pen. When choosing the correct kit make sure you are matching the kit to the correct height of your existing dog pen, not the width. For example, a “24-Inch” exercise pen is 24 inches high and will match a “24-Inch Extension Kit”, a “30-Inch” exercise pen will match a “30-Inch Extension Kit” & so forth. Our extension kits come with 4 thumb snaps for securely attaching the extension kit to your existing playpen & 2 ground stakes to “stake” the dog pen to the ground when being used outdoors. Our pet playpen extension kits are easy to assemble with no tools required & are coated with a protective e-coat for long lasting use.