Pet Water Dispenser Station - Replenish Pet Waterer for Dog Animal Automatic Gravity Water Drinking Fountain Bottle Bowl Dish Stand (Copy)


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  • Automatic pet watering system with gravity fed design that replenishes your pet’s water supply when it reaches low water level
  • Antimicrobial material helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria; Note: Please do not put in the dishwasher. The PP plastic material is not made to withstand high temperature.
  • Crafted of durable and easy to clean PP plastic.
  • Keep pets stay hydrated with this convenient waterer. Excellent option for single or multiple pet households
  • Recessed handle area for easy carrying; Non-skid rubber feet keep it stable in place

Product Description

Auto Replenish system allows fewer refills, convenient for busy owners. Portable & easy to carry around. Made of PET plastic, the dispenser station is toxic free and more sustainable than our PVC counterparts. Bases feature Antimicrobial Protection that helps prevent the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria. An ideal solution for small to medium sized dogs, cats and pet animals


Capacity:1 Gallon & 3 Gallon

Ideal for small & large dogs cats and other animal pets

Classic Gravity Flow Water Feeder

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Gravity Pet Waterer

Let nature and physics do the work for you with gravity feeders and waterers that replenish kibble and fresh water automatically as your pet eats. Nutritious food and plenty of water are essentials for a healthy, happy Companion. A perfect gravity dog feeder or gravity dog waterer for every situation. Keep your dogs and cats happier and maybe healthier thanks to harnessing gravity to help feed your pet and provide fresh water.

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Antimicrobial Non-Toxic PP Material

Non-toxic PP materials ensure pets drink clean uncontaminated water. Helps prevent stains and the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Crafted of easy to clean PP plastic

Note: Not High Temperature resistant, Do Not use Dishwasher

Gravity Flow Auto Replenish Waterer

Water feeder uses gravity to help replenish with clean water so you don’t have to!

Great for a weekend or vacation away, even busy work schedule and unexpected events. Won’t have to worry about your beloved pet not having any water to drink!

No Hassle Refill & Maintenance

The antimicrobial, stain, odor resistant material is easy to clean.

The refill cap is integrated with no spill mechanism which allows you to refill and install without any leaks or stressful high speed maneuvers. Only dispensing water once set in place

Non-Slip Rubber Feet Pads

Wide angle, large area feet structure, and anti-slip rubber padding allows the pet waterier feeder to be super stable and withstand the occasional hyper thirsty pet. Saving the owner from a wet, sticky, messy floor or carpet.

Product details

Size: 1 Gallon | Color: Waterer, Gray