Fresh Patch XL (AS SEEN ON Shark Tank)



  • PET-TRAINING MADE EASY: Fresh sod mat helps dogs learn faster not to urinate and poop inside.
  • CONVENIENT: Great potty option for indoor or older dogs; perfect for an apartment, balcony or porch.
  • EXTRA-ABSORBENT: Doggy mat soaks up liquids and odors so your space stays clean and smelling nice.
  • STRESS-FREE MAINTENANCE: Sod pad is dirt-free and fully disposable to enable easy cleaning.
  • 100% NATURAL: Made in the USA from real grass, these mats are completely safe to use inside the home. v

    Product Description

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    Product Dimensions 48 x 24 x 3 inches 24 inches x 48 inches
    Pets Weight 33 pounds 33 pounds

    Product details

    Size: XL Real Grass