Dog clothes

A lot of dogs get cold during december and that’s why it is kinda importance that dogs get cloths so they can stay warm. Dogs get cold pretty easy so you should probibly go to the pet store to buy your dog a sweater and like a pants so she or h can be warm enough for the cold times.Winter is like a bad season for dogs because they get cold so much that some gosh come out with a cold and then have to go to he vet. A lot of dogs have to go to the vet why well because they are sick and they are sick because of the cold temperature. Dogs get very excited when they see snow but what they don’t know is that they are also getting very cold so are sure that when you leave to walk your dog make sure that they are wearing a sweater so when and if they go to mess around in the snow they can be warm and at the same time enjoy having fun. Dogs need protectshen from the cold so it is technically kind of like a rule with dogs because they need a coat or sweater.