Small dog water dispensers

The first step is to find a dog-friendly apartment. Many apartments claim to be dog-friendly, but they could be better described as “dog-tolerant.” To find a place where your canine companion will be welcome and happy, there are some essential things to look for.

Start with the office. Is your dog allowed in the office? Do the staff members greet him? Do they have treats on hand? This is the first impression of whether or not the apartment is dog-friendly.

Check the outdoor spaces. Are there bowls with freshwater in public areas? Are there convenient places for your dog to do his business? Do they have poop-bag dispensers (in case you forget yours)?

Walkthrough the building. Does your dog seem unusually nervous or stressed in hallways, stairs, or elevators? Dogs are very aware of the sounds and smell that you can’t even detect, and these things can be a source of stress for your dog.

If possible, talk to other dog owners in the building. Ask if they have encountered any problems.

Explore the neighborhood. Make sure there are the right places to walk with your dog and nearby parks. See if there are dog-friendly cafes and businesses nearby.

Locate the nearest emergency vet. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use it, but in an emergency, it’s great to know that help is close at hand.

As about breed restrictions, some apartments place limits on the size of your dog or may prohibit certain breeds.