Small dog bathroom mats

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Keep the floor slip-proof

Dogs tend to run around even if there is not much space to move. When inside the house, dogs could slip on the floor when they run, especially if the story is made from tiles or wood

. The good idea is to place corner rugs or mats down so that your dog can get a good grip when they are walking around inside the house. You can also file or cut their nails so that it won’t damage the floor.

Slippery floors are also significant problems for dogs that have degenerative myelopathy. DM in dogs impairs the ability of their nerves to send signals to their brains. Wet floors will only make it more difficult for them to stand and walk.

Keep harmful chemicals somewhere that can’t be reached.

Bathroom cleaning supplies, car care fluids, and other household care items could contain chemicals that can harm your dog. Dogs tend to sniff around and eat whatever they see. Prevent your dogs from getting poisoned by storing these items properly. It’s best to keep them on the top cupboards and not under the sink.

Give them their spot

A beautiful cozy spot where they can sleep and lie down would be great. You can get them a bed, but if you don’t feel like splurging on one, get them a big, comfy mat with pillows.

Just make sure that the materials used on the bed and pillows are water and stain-proof. It’s easier to use, and they last longer. DM in dogs, during its final stages, will result in paralysis.

This means that the area needs to be comfortable and must not have any borders like the ones on dog beds. It will also be easier for you to move them around if you use a mat.