Small dog Treats

Homemade dog treats have yet another advantage over commercially brought ones – they are less likely to cause obesity in your pet. Large amounts of both fats and sugar play a prominent role in the ingredient list of commercial dog foods as they are the ingredients that are most likely to make them taste right to your pet, and thus make your pets eager to consume them.

One of the reasons that you might choose to give your pet a treat or two is during training. Gifts provide positive reinforcement to the animal, letting it know when it has done something that you want it to.

This is important because if your dog is aware that it has done the right thing, it will want to keep on doing it to please you.

Another reason you may choose to give your dog some treats is to build up and develop the bond between the two of you. Again, this is a case of positive reinforcement. If you give your pet a treat, he will feel that he will make you happy, and he will be more comfortable and affectionate.