Small dog playpens

A proper grooming routine is incomplete without cleaning the ears. Be careful while cleaning the ears of your dog, and do not overdo it. This can be tricky, so it is advisable to let your vet do it.

Another activity that you should let your vet do is expressing the anal sacs of their dog. The secretion is to say, the least stinky and unpleasant and may leave you uncomfortable

. Also, you do not want your dog to keep licking that area during the show or scratch it. A vet is equipped to do the procedure correctly and at a minimal cost. This leaves you and your dog relaxed.

Carry a dog playpen with you to the show. It will help ensure that your pet is in a good mood. An unfamiliar place with a leash around his neck will only make him irritable. Putting your dog in a playpen will restrict his movement but give him space to move around.

It is essential to make your dog look great and feel healthy on the day of the show. Depending on the location of the show and the distance, you will have to travel to reach there, pack your gear accordingly, and prepare yourself in advance.