Small dog collars

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collars are the most common and popular ones in the canine brotherhood. It can be made of leather or nylon. The material chosen imparts the same strength in the designer dog collars for better control. The metallic clasps attach the leashes. This model is the best choice when you are out for a walk but not for the training.

Choke chains, on the other hand, are the training tools that choke the windpipe of the dogs when pulled by the owner. This is a great medium to control the dogs when leashes are used.

The Martingale design is for those dogs which share the same circumference in their neck and heads. This design is mainly designed for those who like to slip out of the traditional collars very easily.

Head collars have the attachment buckle for the leashes under the chin. This makes them turn back when they pull. The design is made for aggressive breeds. This collar is an excellent tool for training, but it might put the dogs in stress as their struggle to get rid of the necklace will go in vain.

Prong collars are for muscular and healthy breeds. The metallic prongs dig in the neck of the dogs without choking the windpipe.