Small dog car seats

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When shopping for a car safety seat for a small dog, it is essential to find plenty of room while giving the pooch the ability to see the scenery.

A dog car booster seat can be found in several styles ranging from small places to a position that covers the entire surface of a bench seat. Pet owners with more substantial, or multiple small dogs, often find that a bench booster car seat is perfect for their needs.

A car seat designed for a dog looks similar to a padded box and contains a soft fluffy pillow for a dog to travel on. Most of the table and rectangular-shaped car seats for dogs have one or more tethering or tie-down straps.

These straps are attached to the rear and a hook to either a harness or a collar. It is highly recommended that these tethering straps be hooked to a safety harness instead of a collar to prevent neck injuries.

When a pooch is strapped to a car seat, they are much safer than one free-roaming while traveling. Though all small dog breeds are capable of maneuvering inside a vehicle, its best to go with them secured.

In the unfortunate event, an accident occurs. Small dogs can become injured or worse. Acquiring a dog can prevent the dog from running away in fear or shock when involved in an accident.