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Small Dog Grooming Kits

There are many small dog grooming kits available today. Here are some of the most efficient, durablle, and affordable.

  1. ConairPRO Puppy Grooming Kit- This kit has all the essentials for a small dog because it’s specifically made for puppies. The kit includes a small pin brush, a slicker brush, a nail clipper, and a boar bristle brush. The kit also comes with a cute heart-shaped plush squeaky toy for a distraction during grooming or as a reward if you are training in discipline. Everything fits in a canvas carrying bag.
  2. For the more experienced dog groomer, the Clipper Pets Electric Clipper for Small Dogs and Cats allows for quick, painless grooming with ease for both dogs and cats. This kit includes four guards for different cut lengths, trimming scissors, a cleaning brush and it runs with 5 speeds.
  3. Quiet Clip Rechargeable Cordless Grooming Kit with Silent Clippers is a unique kit. While it includes the standard guards, cleaner brush, and scissors it also includes a comb, nail clippers, nail file and trimmer oil. This set is unique due to being cordless which saves your pet getting caught in a cord and is quiet to keep your pet calm while being groomed. This set of clippers has 2 speeds.
  4. Lily’s Pet Professional Pet Grooming Titanium Scissors and Cutting Shears is a great alternative to clippers if you are good with scissors. This is also good for dogs with curly hair or fur that is easily matted. Scissors are a good option before using anything electrical if you are concerned about bogging down a pair of clippers. These include a carrying case with 7 in. thinning scissor, 7 inch cutting scissor, 7 inch scissor point up and 7 inch scissor point down. They are all sharpened 6CR stainless steel with a titanium coating, ensuring long lasting durability and performance.