Dog nail clippers

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Trimming dark-colored doggie nails is often a little challenging, given that the quick can not be spotted. When cutting black color nails, you must trim little by little. You’ll know when you need to stop once you find a gummy like texture inside your doggie’s nails.

Don’t forget that trimming way too close to the quick may cause your doggie’s nails to bleed. When this happens, make sure you don’t freak out. Just acquire a styptic powder and slowly apply it on the bleeding nail. Put a bit pressure on the nail for a couple of seconds to end the bleeding.

Excellent Pet Nail Clippers

One other thing to keep in mind when cutting your own canine’s nails is to ensure that you own a sharp, high quality doggie nail trimmers. Do not ever go for a dull clipper.

Dull trimmers will only result in the lengthier cutting process and may contribute to further strain to you and your dog. Make sure to opt for nail trimmers that are created using stainless steel blades for much better results.

Hopefully, you came to understand a lot from this article about cutting both white and black dog nails. Always remember to invest in sharp, high-quality doggy nail trimmers for faster and better results.