Dog Training

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Here’s another post about Dog Training. We will talk about some tricks you can do with your dog The tricks we’ll be talking about are Circle, Climb, and Head up Head Down.

For Circle the first step is to get your dog on all four legs. Then grab a couple treats and start moving your hand in one direction. Doesn’t matter if it’s left or right. As long as you move your hand around in a circle in one direction. It’s completely fine if your dog doesn’t do a full circle the first time. Even if your dog just turns it’s head towards the way your hand is going, give them a treat. It’s the little victories that matter. As soon as your dog starts understanding that they are supposed to be owing try going a little faster each time. Now if your dog is not getting it. Grab something sturdy that your dog can stand on and grab a leash. Put the leash around your dog but don’t make it tight. Leave it loose. Then take the leash and use it to help lure her around in a circle.This will help your dog learn how to do what is being asked of them. Every time they do it, give them a treat. You can use this trick to show to your friends or it’s an easy way for your dog to earn a treat.

For Climb the first step is to find something sturdy that your dog can step on and stand on. Start your dog on the ground. Next grab a treat and put it right in front of your dog’s nose. Start to slowly move the treat towards the platform. Once your dog has two feet on the platform stop moving your hand and give your dog a treat, but if your dog jumps onto the platform and is fully standing on it then no treat. Once your dog can consistently put their 2 feet up on the last form you can make it a little harder. If you want to make it harder you will tap your hand on what you want your dog put his feet on. This will be helpful for when you’re sitting on your couch and want to give your dog a treat or if someone else wants to give your dog a treat. 

Chances are theses tricks will take a while for your dog to master or understand it right away but you have to have patience. If you want to learn about more tricks comment down below. If you want to learn about platform training and the benefits comment down below as well.