Dog Training Pt.3

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Hi guys I’m back with another trick and the name is … Jump! 

For Jump you will need a wall and some treats. First you will put your arms in a circle but a big one so your hands or arms should not be touching. You have to make it big at first because if not it might scare your dog. Next you have to make sure that your arms are super low and close to the ground. Not necessarily on the ground but a little bit higher. With jump you will have one treat in one hand guiding your dog through your arms and the other will be there in a half circle. It’s okay if your dog walks and doesn’t jump. That’s progress and they should get a treat because they are trying. As you continue to do this your dog should start getting the hang of it, if you see that they are you can move your arms up a tiny little bit but not too high because you don’t want to scare your dog. Continue with guiding your dog through your arms with your hand and once they get the hang of that you can start tossing it through and try to get them to follow it. Once they get the hang of this and your arms are far enough from the ground  for your dog to jump through but not high enough that they might get scared you can say the word “Jump” and toss the treat through your arms. That’s it, Jump might be hard for your dog to master at first and it may take awhile but just be patient and they will get it.