Dog Training Pt.2

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Hey guys I’m back. Now that I’m looking back at the other blog post I realized that I didn’t go over the trick Head up head down, so in this post we’ll talk about that.

For Head up Head down you will need something sturdy that your dog can stand on. Next you need to get your dog up onto the platform that you have at home and grab a couple treats. Before you do anything with the treats make sure your dog is laying down. Now with the treats, use one and put it in front of your dog’s nose. Slowly bring it down but not too far down that your dog will get off of the platform. When your dog lowers their head give them a treat, but if they lower their head and get off the platform then don’t give them a treat. After your dog can move their head down consistently you can move on and make things more advanced. You have to put the treat in one hand and point down with the other one. Your dog will see you pointing down with your hand and lower their head but this will only happen if and when your dog starts to understand it. Bringing their head up, you have to start with your head down and when bringing it up you use a thumbs up. So when their head is down you put your hand in a thumbs up position and when bringing your dogs head up give them a treat if they are following your hand.