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Hey guys I’m back. This blog won’t be like the other ones. It’s going to be different. We’re going to talk about how we need to pay closer attention to smaller dogs.

Smaller dogs are very fast and can fit in small spaces whereas bigger dogs can’t fit into small spaces. Because of this we always need to pay more attention to smaller dogs and especially when they aren’t trained it’s worse. Of course all dogs need attention but smaller dogs need more too. They can fit through the holes of the fences and try to get out when you’re trying to close your door to leave. There are many more scenarios I can make but I won’t. It will be very hard on you if you are a pet owner and lose your dog. Although sometimes they come back if you’ve had them for awhile then they come to recognize the house and will eventually come back. In conclusion if you haven’t already go look at the all the previous blogs to help you train your dog big or small doesn’t matter just train them so that you are prepared for any situation.