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Are you debating whether or not to purchase a dog bed for your pooch? A bed has many benefits for the dog and even some for you. Are you curious about what they could be? Here is a list of benefits for you and your dog to take advantage of.


– No more dog hair on your bed and other furniture. 

– Much more room on your bed and other furniture for you to be comfortable.

– The bed has a lot more cushion compared to the hard floor. It will be more comfortable for their hips and joints, as well as preventing calluses. 

– The bed is a safe zone for your pooch. They know it is a space that is just for them and can spread out without being bothered by anyone. 

– Use it for napping during the day and sleeping at night to keep them off of your furniture.

– It will keep your beloved four-legged friend warm. The floor can be cold and especially during the colder months. A dog bed is perfect for keeping your dog warm and cozy all year. 


If you allow your pup on your furniture, they will always think it is okay. When they grow into a large dog, it may not be so cute anymore. There will be slobber, hair, and dirt on your furniture that is sure to leave a doggy scent. It is best to give your pup a bed of its own to use.