Dog Leashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can use dog leashes to walk your dog. Just keep in mind its lot of different leashes the ones that don’t pull are the best. The flexi brand are the best personality we love this brand. No matter how big is your dog is the flexi products will have a very  big selection of […]

Pet Toys :)

Hey today we are going to talk about toys. Toys are different you have to buy the toy depending in the dog what you have if you have a little chihuahua you have buy the toy for your pet chihuahua, if you have a Labrador you have get the right toys for pet Labrador.  Don’t […]


We adopted a dog last year the name of the  place is pow pow .She is so beautiful and pretty . We  have had her for 1 year now .She has fluffy big  ears  when we rub her belly it calms her down she is very playful and always excited she likes to go outside […]

Nail clipers!!!!!

Nail clipers  have different types of sizes because some dogs are big and some small .It will be very good to cut your dog ‘s nails .treat your dog with a new set of nail clipers  .Ready to have some fun with your dog  get the nail clipers from!!!!!


I bought a bed for my dog thinking she`s going to like it but she didn`t like  it she prefer to sleep on the floor I had to buy another soft bed and she loved it. Now she sleeps in her  bed in peace all day. When we cleaned her bed she got mad because […]