behavior will decrease through this process. Consistency and  of the aversive  are crucial. Also, the stimulus must be  from the human if the goal is to suppress the behavior . In other words, the dog needs to learn that something bad happens when he tries to get in the trash  there. Those who haven’t studied […]


I bought a set of 5 in 1 pet  carrier back pack  car set ,stroller but my dog don’t like  to be in the stroller she prefer the carrier  so I have the rest of the set sitting on the house  but  my friend recommended me one set the  name of the set is gen […]

Dog toys

Dogs go crazy when they first see their new toys they go so playful and then don’t even realize that they destroyed their toy.So you need to keep an eye on them because if you don’t then there is a high percent chance that they will chu it up and destroy it.Dogs are a little […]

Dog Treats!!!

There are many dog treats and some treats may taste different. It really depends what dog it is. Like for example if you feed your dog the wrong food maybe it will start to bark because he/she is not used to eating food like that. The treats can also be different colors. They can also […]

Dog Leashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can use dog leashes to walk your dog. Just keep in mind its lot of different leashes the ones that don’t pull are the best. The flexi brand are the best personality we love this brand. No matter how big is your dog is the flexi products will have a very  big selection of […]